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A History of Window Coverings

The challenges facing humankind in the 21st century seem to be worlds apart from what our archaic ancestors faced over 12,000 years ago. Yet, our most basic needs remain the same, food & water, sufficient rest, overall health, clothing, and shelter. As our ability to provide better structures for shelter evolved, so did the necessity for windows to access natural light and provide cross ventilation.

Naturally, window coverings also evolved to help control the amount of light, heat, and cold coming into our homes and to allow a view of our surroundings when opened or privacy and protection from the elements when closed. Every human culture on earth has contributed to the history of window coverings. Crafted by need; different types of window coverings have been perfected by human ingenuity according to regional requirements, since the dawn of civilization.

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Ancient Window Blinds

The use of blinds emerged from several different ancient civilizations to provide relief from natural elements like sun, rain, and cold. Through the centuries, blinds were also engineered of sturdy materials for protection from predators, thieves, and enemies. Here are a few examples of ancient blinds:

  • The Egyptians fashioned reeds together to shield their homes from the harsh sun, cold dessert nights, blowing dust and predators.
  • The Ancient Chinese crafted blinds from bamboo and other natural materials for light and climate control and privacy from their neighbors.
  • The Persians invented Venetian blinds and through trade interactions, brought the discovery to Europe, where they actually got their name as the preferred window treatment in Venice, Italy.

The Evolution of Window Shades

Since the dawn of human civilization, window shades have been used to control light, temperature, create privacy and define different spaces. Hides from animals were hung from openings and entryways and as you can imagine; left a lot to be desired. The stiff nature and inconsistent shapes of materials found in nature probably did not drape well or provide the best coverage.

The advancement of textiles brought about the manufacturing of raw materials through weaving and dying. This allowed the continued evolution of cloth that could be designed and produced to provide exactly what we wanted in window coverings like curtains, sheers and shades to provide privacy and still let in natural light or heavier materials for protection from the elements.

Finding the Right Combination of Window Coverings

As a result of humankind’s evolution of window coverings, we live in an amazing era where modern technology along with the tried-and-true solutions of our ancestors, provides an abundance of window covering options. These days we can take advantage of natural light, reduce energy use and provide safety and privacy with the right combination of window coverings to suit our needs and enhance our everyday lives.

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