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DIY Window Coverings vs. Working with a Pro

Window coverings are often an afterthought for homeowners and commercial property owners in the midst of renovations or moving into a new place. When it comes time to consider window coverings, you’ll ask yourself, “can I measure and install myself, or should I hire a professional? There really is no right or wrong answer here.

Considering the pros and cons of DIY window coverings vs. working with a pro is the best way to answer your own question and decide which way to go from here. Take a closer look at your options with our DIY window coverings vs. working with a pro infographic showing a side-by-side comparison.


Measurement & Installation

Measurements can be tricky. As much as 34% of window covering customers are not confident in their own window measurements, according to 2018 – 2019 statistics from Blinds.com. This task can become immediately overwhelming for DIYers without the right know-how or tools. Any mistake in the measurements for your new window coverings can cause serious problems, and a lot of backtracking, like returning your blinds, shades, or curtains – putting everything on hold.

Home Improvement Enthusiasts will need access to the right tools, including a ladder, steel measuring tape, a drill or screwdriver, and help from one or more volunteers. After carefully measuring for each window covering and finding the right product, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, do your research, and take all the advice you can get – especially Dadvice (advice from your wise old Pops).

Pro Tip: It is important to be wary of blinds or shades labeled as ‘standard-sized’. This term is considered an industry myth because most windows don’t actually have perfect 90° corners.

A Skilled Window Covering Pro will use the 3 4 5 Rule or Pythagorus Theorum for precise measurements. Accuracy in the measurements and installation of your window treatments will help achieve a seamless, unified space overall. When in doubt, find a reputable local window covering expert to see what options are available, and just how easy and affordable going with a pro can be – because getting it done right the first time will make all the difference in the world!

Project Size

For Just a Few Windows or no more than one room, a DIY solution may be the best and most cost-effective way to go. Timewise, a reasonable prediction for installing blinds or shades in one room (1-3 windows) can easily be done in a weekend with dedicated helpers and the right tools. However, before starting the project, it is a good idea to review the approximate installation time listed on the product(s) you purchase.

For Window Coverings in Larger Areas or more than one space, hiring an expert will save you time, energy, stress and will likely save you money by staying on schedule and within your project budget. A window covering company will provide benefits that include:

  • In-Home Consultation
  • A Wide-Selection of Quality Products
  • Expert Design Assistance
  • Precise Measurements
  • Worry-Free Professional Installation
  • Help with Manufacturers Warranties

Big Box Products vs Exclusive Pro-Access Products

When choosing your new window coverings, keep in mind that your space is an extension of you. While blinds, shades, or shutters should be selected to enhance the flow and aesthetic of a room, they can also be chosen as an expression of your personality. Whatever your goals are, there are a lot of options out there to transform your space to reflect your personal taste and style.

Retail Window Coverings from your local big box or home improvement store can be a great solution, especially when cost-savings are the biggest factor. But off-the-shelf-products are produced for value-seeking customers and don’t offer a lot of options. DIYers can also shop online for a better selection that provides their customers step-by-step help in window measurement and product installation. This is a great option for small-area projects.

High-Quality Window Coverings, only available to professionals, include premier shades, shutters, blinds, and curtains featuring the latest trends and technology and the protection of a registered manufacturer’s warranty. Get the peace of mind that can only come from working with a reputable window covering business by cutting down on the risk of error in the measuring and installation of your new window coverings. Looking for inspiration for your project? Visit Fashion Windows Idea Gallery

Get Started

No matter what your budget is, it is vital to develop a project plan to begin with. You’ll want to consider a number of things to make the best decision, not only about hiring a professional, but about what you want to achieve. Consider the function of each space to determine how much light, dark and privacy you need. Then review your options to select the blinds, shades, curtains or shutters to best achieve your desired effect.

Taking a realistic look at your immediate and future needs, budget, and schedule, along with the time and energy it will take to complete your project, will help guide your decisions and ensure you don’t take on more than you can reasonably accomplish. If you are still unsure about DIY vs. Hiring a Pro for your window coverings, call Fashion Windows LLC at 435-882-8979 or click here for your free, no-obligation in-home consultation. We proudly serve Salt Lake, Utah and Tooele Counties with proven and effective window covering solutions for everything from one window or a few rooms, to your whole home or full office space.