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How to Find the Perfect Window Coverings for Your Home in Utah


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When executed well, the right window coverings will furnish your home with both style and purpose. Aside from contributing to the overall aesthetics of the area, your selection should be based on how the room will be utilized. You will want to consider the area’s primary function and the atmosphere you’d like to create. But looks aren’t everything when it comes to window coverings.

It is equally important to examine the merits or issues of each window within the space. By identifying how light and solar heat affects the space, your choices will be neatly narrowed down to make your decisions easier to make. Addressing the requirements of each window will maximize the performance and effectiveness of your new blinds, shades, or shutters.

Whether you are moving into a new home, planning a renovation, or simply want a fresh new look, consider saving time and frustration by hiring a professional. Find out how easy it is to work with a local window covering expert and discover the most effective window covering solutions for your Utah home.

The Fashion Windows Team understands that the amount of window covering options available can be overwhelming, so let us show you how to find the perfect window covering for your home in Utah, room by room:

Style and Function for Kitchen & Dining Area Windows

As the heart of your home, the kitchen and dining area is a daily gathering place where there is always activity. It is vital to let in natural light during the daytime hours and preserve privacy at night. Windows above the sink or close to countertops are exposed to humidity and splashing that may cause watermarks and other stains, so consider materials that are durable and water-resistant.

  • Faux Wood Blinds are versatile to let in as much light as you need for windows above the sink or close to countertops. With stain resistance and durability, these blinds are a great solution for high-humidity areas.
  • Shades help achieve privacy and are a brilliant solution to maintain natural light. Most varieties still allow plenty of sunshine in, but provide a filter to soften the brightness and heat from direct solar exposure, you can choose from:
    • Cellular Shades provide versatility, energy-efficiency, and a neat clean appearance.
    • Roller Shades offer easy privacy and are ideal for windows that are opened often.
    • Roman Shades with top-down functionality preserves privacy while letting in direct sunlight.

The Best Options for Living Room Window Coverings

Your home’s living room or front room area is likely where your front door opens into and where first impressions are made. There are several brilliant options to address aesthetics and targeted solutions for your individual needs like noise absorption, child safety, UV protection, and the ease and convenience of smart home technology to adjust your shades or blinds from anywhere.

  • Interior Shutters make a subtle, elegant statement with timeless style. Yet, aside from providing luxury to the overall look and feel of your home, customizable interior shutters are durable and offer sound control, insulation and solar light blocking.
  • Vertical Blinds are the most practical solution for large picture windows. Depending on the window’s orientation, vertical blinds instantly block harmful UV rays from morning or late afternoon sun. Cordless blinds are an ideal option for child and pet safety.
  • Roman Shades come in an array of colors to seamlessly blend with your décor, or you can choose to make a statement with a bright or lively pattern. Roman shades are a timeless and beautiful option to filter natural light and provide exceptional privacy.
  • Cellular Shades make an ideal choice for a front room that is consistently exposed to the element of Mother Nature through the front door. The insulating layers of a cellular shade prevent energy loss to provide your home with comfort and energy savings year-round.

Window Coverings for a Serene Bedroom

The average person spends approximately 33.42% of each year sleeping. That equates to a whopping 122 days of sleep! This is why achieving a tranquil space for rest and sleep is vital. While your furnishings and bedding add to the comfort of your space; the window coverings should allow versatility for light & sound control and privacy. Not to mention providing year-round protection from solar heat and the bitter chill of Utah’s long winter nights.

  • Cellular Shades in your bedroom instantly provide a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere with soft, filtered light during waking hours. The innovative honey-comb design of the cellular shade offers insulation against sunlight, solar heat gain, energy loss and noise.
  • Roman Shades can be easily raised to allow natural light into the bedroom and lowered to block light and provide privacy when needed. When fully raised, fold-up Roman shades resemble a simple valance and can be customized to match your bedroom décor.
  • Top-down Roman Shades are designed to allow natural light from the top of the window while still maintaining privacy through the lower half. The top-down shade is ideal for upper-level apartment living to keep your skyline view and maintain privacy.
  • Window Treatments can be layered to compliment your décor and enhance insulation, light filtration and light blocking features. For example, lined drapes paired with shades or blinds offer relief from heat and light for those who work nights and sleep during the day.

Privacy and Light in the Bathroom

Typically, bathroom windows are smaller for privacy, yet still, allow natural light. Window coverings should be chosen to ensure seclusion when needed and have easy functionality to open and close the window for ventilation. While your choices seem straightforward, don’t overlook humidity exposure in a full bath with a shower and/or bathtub. Water-resistant materials are a must for direct water contact, while there are more options for low humidity, half bathrooms.

  • Vinyl Shutters or Blinds are the #1 choice for full bath windows that are often exposed to high humidity. High-quality vinyl window coverings are very versatile, durable and can be customized to fit arches, angles, circles and other specialty shapes.
  • Roller Shades, when installed properly, present a streamlined look perfect for modern or minimalist décor. Depending on the material you choose, roller shades work well in both full and half bathrooms. The proportion of light vs. privacy is left up to you.

Media or Game Room

Your family media or game room is a space for entertainment. Whether you have friends over to watch the game, are spending time with the kids or hosting a watch party for the newest release; light and sound control are a must. While top-quality shades for your media room or home theatre are the obvious choice and insulating blinds will offer the versatility you need for a game room – professional installation is the key to ensure this space has the perfect atmosphere.

  • Duette® LightLock™ by Hunter Douglas is an innovative room darkening system that features U-shaped side channels with a ridged black interior designed to absorb light from every angle providing incredible light control and insulation.
  • Honeycomb Shades come in a variety of textures, colors and patterns to compliment any décor. Their unique honeycomb shape provides light diffusion for privacy and insulation for the most effective energy efficiency.
  • Woven Wood Shades with Blackout Liner are designed to completely filter out solar glare to make your media room as dark as possible. These shades are naturally beautiful and the addition of an insulating blackout liner that also provide noise reduction and energy efficiency.

If you’re unsure about what window coverings will work best for you and your family, the pros at Fashion Windows are here to give you expert local advice and will be happy to help you discover the best window covering solutions for your Utah home. Each and every valued customer receives free temporary blinds, exclusive product availability, exceptional customer service, and expert installation – no matter how big or small your project is. Contact us today or give us a call at 435-882-8979 for your in-home consultation.